Company information

SYSTEMALARM was founded in 2008 setting its goal to build a reputable company on the market of system integration of security technologies. We manufacture and import solar-powered wireless infrared systems with a new, patented pulse technology. The company's founders offer expertise gained after many years of experience in designing and applying security solutions. Company's philosophy is addressing customer's needs and supplying quality services with added value, technical advice, warranty and post-warranty care. The company offers continuous service on installed systems. Our significant customers are those of prominent, widely recognized companies as well as those from a private sector. Examples of significant clients are listed below. Futher references including contact information are available on request.

Factory information

SYSTEMALARM is an exclusive importer and seller of advanced security systems of HengBo, a high-tech, CE&FCC approved corporation specializing in research&development of both home and industrial smart security products in Ningbo, China.

HengBo is commited to developing progressive products which they proved by filing a patent for solar-powered wireless infrared fences in May 2007 under patent No. ZL 2006 20101076.4 and receiving a national invitation patent in April 2011 ((Patent No: ZL 2009 10099932.5).

These achievements were possible thanks to essential contribution of educated professionals from the Xi'an institute and post-graduates of Xi' an Jiaotong University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xidian University, Xi' an University of Posts & Telecommunications.


Technology Overview

Our active wireless solar-powered infrared detectors are a new generation of perimeter intrusion alarm systems featuring advanced photovoltaic cell technology and widely applied FM & AM radio signal transmission method. Compared with a traditional set of active wired infrared detector, grating, guardrail and infrared light wall, our detectors are extremely easy to install and maintain while effectively protecting the system against short circuits resulting from wired connections. At the same time they are designed in conformity with national development requirements for energy conservation & environment protection industry. Therefore, our solar-powered active wireless infrared detectors have a vast potential for future development either in engineering or civil applications.

Product Features

  1. Traditional functions with upgraded, fully wireless connection and electricity-free option that saves you money and thanks to solar power  it is also available for operation anywhere.
  2. Not reliant on direct sunshine and works even in cloudy or rainy days as the light can be transformed into electric energy to power the device for operation.
  3. Solar energy can charge the built-in rechargeable battery and a fully charged battery can work for more than 10 days even in cloudy or rainy weather.
  4. Maximum distance between two active infrared detectors is up to 100 meters and the distance between the host/receiver and the detector be as long as 1 kilometer.
  5. Widely applied on windows, courtyards, backyards and fence perimeters.


  • We have installed many security systems throughout the Czech Republic.
  • The following list is a selection of our completed orders.

CPH Homes A/S montage EZS, EPS service
Ardagh Metal Packaging Czech Republic s.r.o. montage CCTV, EZS, service
Tama Group s.r.o. montage EZS, EPS, service
AUTOŠKOLA Jana s.r.o. montage EZS, service
Hlaváček - elektro práce montage EZS, EPS, service
Ecoplanet s.r.o. montge EZS, EPS, service
MAGICAM HD SOLUTIONS, s.r.o. montage EZS, service
PRUEBA s.r.o. montage EZS, EPS, service
Brandwijk & Partners s.r.o. montage EZS, service
Kulturní centrum Bílina montage EZS, service
PILA UNION, s.r.o. montage EZS,EPS service
Římskokatolická farnost-arciděkanství montage EZS, service
Vít Laně montáž EZS, servis
Městská policie Chabařovice montage EPS, EZS, service
JV-Constructs, s.r.o. montage EZS, service
MULTIHOKR s.r.o. montage EZS, service
PCI comp s. r. o. service
SIM stavby spol. s.r.o. montage EZS, service
REZIDENCE ELIŠKA, a.s. montage EZS, EPS, service
ŠIM s.r.o. montáž CCTV, servis
EMTB MONT s.r.o. montage EZS, service
ADH s.r.o. montage EZS, EPS service
Auto-Kabel Krupka, s.r.o. montage EZS
Kominictví Pokorný - Fictum s.r.o. montage EZS, EPS, service
PEMIRAM s.r.o. montage EZS, EPS service

EZS - electronic security alarm, EPS - electric perimeter system


Training and demonstration room.


Billing address

SYSTEM ALARM - Ladislav Šulc
K. H. Máchy 300/7
418 01 Bílina
Czech Republic

VAT: 66673151

Account number (CZK): 107-8797640297/0100
IBAN: CZ1101000001078797640297

Business premises

SYSTEMALARM - Ladislav Šulc
Sadová 54/2
Bílina 418 01
Czech Republic

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+420 723 804 208