SA-W001P8 Solární bezdrátové infrazávory s 8 senzory

  1. Solar-powered, no external power cord required.
  2. Radio Frequency (RF) Hopping & FM Signal Alarm, no external signal wire required.
  3. Radio Frequency (RF) Hopping & FM Signal Alarm, no wireless signal interference, no reception error, no false alarm.
  4. Adoption of data coding scheme ensures no coincident code among 60000 pairs of light walls.
  5. Adoption of Secondary modulated and coded light signal helps to avoid mutual interference among infrared beams of many pairs of light walls.
  6. Immune to strong light interference, with interference indication function.
  7. 4-beam, 6-beam, and 8-beam detectors available for different heights of protected areas.
  8. Equipped with the function of self-check and reporting to the host.
  9. Equipped with the function of reporting to the host about any offset due to such causes as wind blowing after installation.
  10. Equipped with a loudspeaker, with on-the-spot alarm function


User manual