SA-D002P4 Solar-Powered 4-beam Infrared Gratings

  1. It is much safer, for it alarms once the thief tries to come into the house.
  2. Installed outdoors, not impeding indoor activities, and on duty round the clock.
  3. Solar-powered wireless technology ensures high energy efficiency without any damage to the decoration.
  4. Application of the working principle of the active wireless infrared detectors to the design helps to settle the problem of false alarm.
  5. Multi-beam design ensures a high rate of protection.
  6. Equipped with the function of self-check and reporting to the host.
  7. Immune to strong light interference, with interference indicating function.
  8. Adoption of secondary modulated and coded light signal helps to avoid mutual interference among the infrared beams of many pairs of Gratings.

User manual